Our Mission  

Our mission is simple yet heartfelt: How can we make learning Tamil not only captivating but also fun, easily understandable, and empowering for your child to confidently use Tamil in their everyday life? This is the question that drives us as we craft our books.


Our Vision 

To create a world where every child embraces the beauty of the Tamil language in their everyday lives. 

 Our Key Values and Guiding Principles:   

  1. Language empowerment: we are committed to empower children with the gift of Tamil language through engaging and accessible books, enabling them to communicate confidently in Tamil. 
  1. Everyday language: books are designed to introduce everyday Tamil words that children can seamlessly integrate into their daily conversation, fostering a deeper connection with the language. 
  1. Family bonding: we believe in art of reading to strengthen family bonds. Our books are catalysts for parents and children to share meaningful moments while learning together. 
  1. Inclusivity: we ensure that our books are accessible to all irrespective of background, or location, promoting Tamil as a global language of love and unity.  
  1. Cultural preservation: we cherish the rich cultural heritage embedded in the Tamil language. Our books not only teach language but also nurture and appreciation for Tamil culture. 

Our vision is to cultivate a generation of young Tamil speakers who not only embrace their language but also take pride in using it every day. Together, we are fostering a Tamil-speaking community that thrives in the digital age, preserving our linguistic heritage and building strong family connections.